Saturday, October 17, 2009


We can enter in to Sketcher. To enter sketcher work bench follow these steps.
1. Open Catia V5
2. Close the module which has opened ( Default it will open Product structure)
To close this module, go to FILE pull down menu, click on close, it will close the module which has opened.
3. Now again go to START---- Mechanical Design---- click on Part Design Instead of Sketcher.
4. Pop-up will open, please enter part name else default will be Part1. Uncheck Enable Hybrid Design ( I will Explain what is Hybrid design later) then click OK.
5. Now you entered in to Part design.
6. Create Axis system.
Go to INSERT ---- Axis System, click here .In the popup it will ask origin, Right click on no selection, click on Coordinates, enter the values as (x=0, y=0, z=0) because I don’t know where the part will be placed in an assembly, later you can change the coordinates.
7. Select all principle planes by selecting from specification tree, (XY, YZ and ZX planes just below the Part name) then right click, select Hide/Show. It will hide these planes.
8. Now select a plane from Axis system (say YZ plane) then go to Insert pull down- Sketcher, click on Sketcher option. There is positioned sketch we can see that later.
9. Now you are in Sketcher work bench.
The important Tool bars in sketcher are
a. Profile
b. Operations
c. Constraints
d. Sketch tools
e. Visualization
f. Knowledge
g. Tools
h. Work bench
Before proceeding we can see the mouse operations and some shortcut keys
Mouse operations
1. Left mouse button-- Select
2. Middle button / Scroll ------ for Pan a component. If you rotate scroll specification tree will move Up and Down.
3. Right mouse button: it work with combination of middle button.
4. Middle button+ right/Left----- For Rotate
5. Middle button+ right/Left once click and release----- For Zoom in Zoom out
In your mind these questions may arise.
1. Why it’s not possible to enter Sketcher workbench directly?
2. Is it necessary to disable hybrid design?
3. What is model tree/Design Tree/ Specification Tree?
4. Is it necessary to create axis system?

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