Saturday, October 3, 2009

CATIA a Master Tool for Design.

Dear friends
As I know Catia is a more powerful and user friendly software in CAD. You can create complicated models very easily in this software. I was a teacher for Catia for few years. I know little bit about this software. I am not an expert According to me, for few of them I am a master. I trained more than 2000 professionals on Catia. I never gave notes for my students because I hate writing notes in class. Most of my students are working in all over the world in Various Companies in Aviation and Automotive field. Some people are working as corporate trainers in India. I never had undergone any corporate training. Here I am going to write about CATIA V5 tips and how Commands work in some of the workbenches. It may help you when you stuck up. I concentrate on
1. Sketcher
2. Part Design
3. Generative Sheet metal
4. GSD
5. Drafting
6. Assembly
7. DMU Kinematics.
I always welcome your Suggestions....


  1. Good start dude ....I know nothing abt CAD but what appreciate is the simplicity of write up and simple aproach to complex issues..
    keep writing ....

  2. It will be truely very help full.

    I personally feel you are realy a master of Catia.

    It will be favourable for all,if you start doing this.
    good step, Pls. carry on sir.

  3. great job.please write to about gsd tools